Pastors & Staff

Michael Garner

Head Pastor

Besides a passion to preach the Word, Pastor Michael loves his bride deeply, and has a passion to make sure all know that cheesecakes are the best dessert one can have.  He and his bride own a coffeehouse in town, Harbor Lights Coffeehouse.  They meet at the LCM (Cornerstone, see history).  They have two kids, Autumn and Asher.  Pastor Michael loves all things cold, snow and Christmas.  So don't be surprised if in July he starts talking about Christmas...o really even in January.

Susan Garner

Associate Pastor

Pastor Susan, a teacher, a mother (and not just to her two children), and a women full of the Grace of God.  She loves kitties, which many a illustration is used in messages regarding her cats.  She too like her husband, Pastor Michael, loves Christmas, but the season of fall is truly her favorite.  She loves to be with the people at church, but also loves to be at home.  If there is a picture to be taken she will be there taking the pictures, and documenting church history, and her own family history with her scrapbooking skills!

Faye Watts

Senior Elder

Elder Faye Watts has been part of Life Connections Ministries for many years. She first became a member while she was serving as active duty Army at Ft. Leavenworth back in the 1990’s.  She has since retired from the U.S. Army and she and her husband Virgil reside in Leavenworth.  Faye is gifted in the areas of Intercession and Teaching. She has been an instrumental part of the stability of Life Connections, and has a heart for children being brought up in the Lord. She has two grown daughters and three grandchildren.  
In September 2011, Faye was ordained as an Elder in the church.
Faye and her husband Virgil are active in the Intercessory Prayer Ministry, teaching Bible Studies and teaching Adult Sunday School.

Leah Pratt

Children's Church Director

Leah has a true calling with children. She loves to be involved with children’s activities, participating in every aspect of their services with a very hands on approach.  In addition to being children’s ministry coordinator, she also oversees the nursery workers, and plans VBS each summer and our Harvest Party in the fall.  She also delights in finding special ways to celebrate life with the kids during the rest of the year.  Favorites have been a tie-die t-shirt party and special Christmas celebrations.  She and her husband Richard (who is our assistant worship leader) married in January 2012 and they have 3 sons, Daniel, Reuben and Rison.  The children love coming to Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings, they also have a blast with worship, crafts, as well as the lessons that they learn.

Pastor Mavis Kurkowski

Outside board member

W.I.L.D. (Winning In Life Daily) Ministries was birthed out of a strong desire to see people win in every area of their lives. W.I.L.D. Ministries is active in ministering in the United States as well as to other nations. Their desire is to bring encouragement to believers, and equip them to experience victory in their own lives so that they can impact the world around them. Jeff and Mavis have ministered together in Mexico, India, Guatemala, and Papua New Guinea.  In addition to traveling in ministry, Mavis serves on the Pastoral Team at New Creation World Outreach church in North Mankato, Minnesota where she ministers in various facets in her home church.  Mavis believes that God specializes in turning tragedies into triumphs. W.I.L.D. Ministries believes that God has the ability to take any situation and turn it around for good and He has shown this to be true in their own lives as well.

Mavis has been teaching for 28 years in various church settings, women’s meetings, and on the mission field. She has a heart to see men and women find their true identity and live in the freedom of all God has destined them to be despite their current circumstances. Her passion is to equip believers to experience victory in all areas of their lives and to build strong foundations in their relationships with the Heavenly Father! As she ministers in revelation, revealing the truths of God’s Word about His people, her desire is that others would take these truths and not only grow in their own callings and relationship with God but also then impact the world around them!! Her heart’s desire is to see people rise above their circumstances and win daily in life!

Mavis studied at Oral Roberts University and graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center. She holds a Master’s Degree in Theology and is pursuing her Doctorate in Theology from Life Christian University. Jeff and Mavis live in the Mankato area with their three children JonPaul, Moriah, and Lauren.