Kids and Parents - Overcoming Fear Part 1

Overcoming Fear – Part 1
Ask them to fill in the blank (give a reward for the right answer)
GOD IS BIGGER THAN THE ____________________ ______________________
Key verses:
Psalm 42:5 and John 3:16-21

Questions to ask your kiddos! (ask them and give them a reward for answers, even if silly)
1.  Who can show me a scary face?
2.  What do you do when you get scared?  (be ready for them to scream)
3.  What are some things that have scared you before?
(examples; Winds when they make howling sounds, dark room with no lights on at all, bugs, HOMEWORK)
4.  What did you do to not be scared anymore?
5.  Have you ever helped someone else not be scared?
Parents: (you can talk to them in your own words, just use this as a spring board)
So why John 3:16-21
This is a great opportunity to tell your little ones that when Jesus was born He was born into a place that was scary.  Just as there are things today that can scare there were things back then too. When God came, in the form of His Son, the world was full of darkness, and not because they did not have electricity.  It was dark because there was no hope, even though there was the promise that He was coming.  But we can remember as kids that even if you know mom and dad said dinner would be ready soon, if it wasn’t ready in 30 seconds we would start to wonder if we will ever eat.  Well that is what the people of God probably felt like.  What about Mary and Joseph?  They knew that God was using them but they probably experienced moments that were scary.  Like traveling long distance, by donkey, WITH NO TV.  Can you believe that!  The donkey they used to travel did not have TV, or WI-FI.  Scary, right? (HAHAHA).  But seriously they, just like us had moments where scary things did happen.   SO how did Jesus overcome all this, as a human?  He trusted God.  He prayed to God.  He read the scriptures (bible).  He did what David did in Psalm 42:5, He turned towards God.  When He did that He wasn’t scared anymore, His countenance changed because He looked at the countenance of His Father.  (Countenance.  Facial expression, so if you are looking at sad things you will look sad, but if you look at God you will look joyful, for He is joyful).
So what can we do when we start to feel scared? (ask them and let them answer)
1.  Post It Notes with bible verses
2.  Sing a song (like veggie tales songs “GOD is bigger than the _______________)
3.  _____________________________________________________
FINISH IT UP WITH; Psalm 46:1 - God, you are such a safe and powerful place to find refuge! You are a proven help in time of trouble— more than enough and always available whenever I need you.

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